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Behavior Modification

Good Sleep Habits / Tips

  1. Avoid excessive daytime napping.
  2. Have set wake-up times and bedtimes.
  3. Avoid extended periods of time in bed.
  4. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine in the period prior to bedtime.
  5. Avoid exercise too close to bedtime.
  6. Avoid engaging in exciting or emotionally upsetting activities too close to bedtime.
  7. Avoid use of bed for non-sleep-related activities (e.g., watching television, reading, studying, eating, etc.).
  8. Make the bed as comfortable as possible (comfortable mattress, adequate blankets).
  9. Sleep in a comfortable environment (not too bright, too stuffy, to cluttered, too hot, too cold).
  10. Avoid performing activities demanding high levels of concentration before bed.
  11. Try to avoid allowing mental activities, such as thinking, planning, reminiscing, etc., to occur in bed.

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